Friday, 21 February 2014

2Face’s mentor, Sizzla Kalonji To Perform In Nigeria

2Face’s mentor, Sizzla Kalonji To Perform In
Not many people know that 2Face has a mentor in Sizzla Kalonji,
one of Jamaica’s biggest reggae music artistes, though 2face is
not the only person who claims the reggae master is his mentor,
Blackface, General Pype and Burna Boy have at different
interviews mentioned Sizzla as a mentor. Sizzla would be coming
to Nigeria in some months from now to perform.
The promoter of the show, Mr Logic who is in Nigeria said ‘I have
been in Nigeria for a week now just to oversee the final
negotiations for Sizzla Kalonji’s performance in Nigeria. I must
say it’s been quite interesting to see that people here appreciate
him. He is also excited to make a presence in the most populous
black nation. Just know for now that event will happen sooner
than you think’
It is expected that this show is going to be one of the best and the
biggest that would happen in 2014 if Sizzla comes to Nigeria.

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